Constant monitoring for early diagnosis and preventive care.

Why TrackMyBeat

As the number of chronic disease patients in India increase, so do the number of complications associated with the diseases.

According to research reports about half of most common chronic disorders are undetected, half of those detected are not treated, and half of those treated are not controlled: the 'rule of halves'.

This results in an alarming situation where a large number of patients are improperly managed and many are diagnosed only in advanced stages, leading to expensive medical complications and compromised quality of life.

The key to managing chronic diseases is through a multifactor approach, which involves motivating people to live healthier lives - by helping them understand the impact of various interventions on their health parameters. This allows people to have a greater degree of control over their own health.

TrackMyBeat works with:
Individuals to track their health and wellness parameters, and improve these parameters by triggering timely medical interventions and helping them make the right lifestyle choices.

Corporations to create and manage targeted employee health and wellness plans leading to improved employee health, increased employee productivity and reduced healthcare costs.

Public sector actors in order to develop a scalable preventive healthcare platform aiming to increase access among communities receiving little to none of the regular medical care imperative in treating chronic disease.


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