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Our Services

“The availability of health and lifestyle data at your fingertips empowers you in getting the care you need.”

The solution empowers the user to be in control of their own health by being aware of their health status and by being able to schedule planned interventions. It also enables their doctors to make more informed decisions when prescribing a treatment for the user.

“A health management plan customized to your needs.”

The health management plan is created based on the diagnosis from your personal doctor. Precise monitoring, proactive response and scheduled interventions ensure optimum management resulting in improved health.

“We motivate you to make better lifestyle choices.”

Motivation plays a key role in managing or preventing chronic disease. By enabling the user to precisely monitor their health status and the effects of various interventions like exercise, and by engaging with them on a regular basis, the service motivates users to choose and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

“The tools and services we provide enable you to be proactive in preventing complications.”

TMB proactively engages with the user to ensure regular monitoring and timely intervention resulting in early detection of any deranged parameters thus minimizing the risk of complications.

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